Experimentem amb l'Art

C/Torrijos, 68
08012 Barcelona
Monday to Friday
10:00am to 15:00pm and 16:00pm to 20:00pm
Non-profit organization that works with contemporary art and collaborative/community artistic practices. We design and carry out projects that link art, education and citizenship. On the one hand, in the EART headquarter, and on the other, offering educational and cultural services to institutions such as art centers, museums, libraries, civic and educational centers, etc.

The EART headquarter functions as a laboratory, as a trial-and-error space that opens new paths in research and experimentation between art and education. It has the Residència EART (artist’s residence) and a training program aimed at children and families such as the Art Workshops, Art en obert (intergenerational) and the Casals Endinsa’t al món de l’Art. We also offer professional training in articulation and cultural mediation such as the Kalidoscopi or the course of Agents articuladors between art and education.

The EART space is therefore a meeting place for artists, audiences and ways of doing and thinking about the artistic fact to generate dialogue, reflection and critical spirit with a transformative will.

Past events