Graner - Centre de creació del cos i el moviment

El Graner is the centre for creation and study of the body and movement language of Barcelona. It is framed within the Art Factories program of the Barcelona City Council and is managed by el Mercat de les Flors, with the collaboration of the APDC (Catalonia’s Dance Professionals Association) and the ACPDC (Catalonia’s Professional Dance Companies Association).

El Graner aims at having an impact on different contexts of the creative fabric acting through several different work lines. The main areas of work of el Graner are: Creation, internationalization, thought, education and proximity.

El Graner hosts dance artist residencies, develops artistic cooperation projects with other cultural agents and promotes the integration of the center within its neighborhood, among other objectives. As a center for creation, it offers the possibility of learning about artistic forms and practices and emphasizes an inclusive organizational structure that keeps a close contact with the audience through local activities.

This diversification of our lines of work, supported by the immediacy of online communication, allows us to act within the cultural context of the city of Barcelona and contribute with creation and promotion tools for different formats and spaces.

Cristina Alonso, artistic coordination
Elena Carmona, european projects production and coordination
Montserrat Ismael, education & families
Pep Codolosa, technical coordinator
Raquel Tomàs, 2.0 coordinator

Past events