El Palomar

Elkano, 43Bis, àtic
08004 Barcelona
Visits by appointment.
El Palomar is born in an attic, as an over-ground and horizontal space where flight lines are laid. A place from which you would believe “every house has its own Palomar”. A nonprofit place for gathering, exhibition and dialogue. It is embedded as a bastion of speeches, subjects and practices that have difficulty penetrating the official contemporary art sphere. El Palomar wants to revisit this material and defend it as a critical engine and part of the theory and visual imagery corpus. This is a collaborative project between artists that aims to generate a context in the city of Barcelona.

El Palomar aims to see its actions repeated periodically. We consider this project as a process that continually revisits itself. Here you may see works that are exempt from visibility in archives and official selections; as well as works that are already integrated into otherinternational artistic contexts but with no presence in the Spanish context. El Palomar is also intended to become a context backbone tool and a network of critical agents.

El Palomar is indebted to the above. We demand the trans and the inter of the queer, we want to talk about the complexities and contradictions of multiple identities from a particular political-artistic vision. We are tired of being accused by the merely cultural, aesthetic and theatrical aspects of sexuality in art. We wish to repair the discursive gap of practices and theories that, being considered “too advanced” and “old fashioned” at the same time, become marginal to the official discourse. We think of them as a political recognition and believe in the politics of our own abject bodies. Beyond seeking to be integrated under a label; we intend to be inflection and diaspora of labelling and of the normalizing notions.

We know that under the supposed triumph of freedom (now more than ever threatened) underlie the most refined, but no less acrid and atrocious forms of homophobia, transphobia, sexism and racism. We therefore believe it appropriate to influence from the radicalism of an independent project to upgrade speeches currently being institutionalized. El Palomar presents then, rather than an archive, a regenerative formula of discourse.

Mariokissme (Mario Páez) & R. Marcos Mota (Rafa Marcos)