House of Chappaz

C/ Ca l’Alegre de Dalt 55, Baixos C
08024 Barcelona
Monday to Thursday: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Voguing houses are spaces that were born in New York between the end of the 70s and the middle of the 80s as safe spaces for those that had been rejected by society due to their condition LGTBIQ+. These houses were spaces where you could find mutual support in your chosen family, that is, families made up of friends. These families where an attempt to make good the rejection suffered and as a radical tool to ease the pain and revolutionize social concepts imposed by repressive preconceptions. This is the idea from which the conception of the House of Chappaz starts, exchanging the ballroom for Contemporary Art.

The House of Chappaz was born in the evolution and transformation that has taken place in the gallery Espai Tactel, not only at a professional but also a personal level, since it was founded in 2011, keeping its essence but expanding its field of action. This transformation has taken place naturally and its aim is for the gallery found in Valencia by Ismael Chappaz, to which the Toormix team of Barcelona was added (creating the Espai Tactel Toormix), to continue growing, expanding and creating new alliances in order to transmit its lines of action and its ideas in the pursuit of a more up-to-date Contemporary Art. Thus to the team led by Chappaz, Oriol Armengou and Ferran Mitjans (creators of the Toormix studio) there is added Maria Tinoco. Tinoco (the director of the Valencian gallery Mister Pink and The Blink Project), after more than ten years collaborating with Espai Tactel on different projects related to Art and Design, has decided to join our new project and to become a part of the management team at the House of Chappaz.

In this way, given that the House of Chappaz now has three spaces: House of Chappaz Flat (run by Ismael Chappaz) and House of Chappaz Showcase (run by Maria Tinoco) both in Valencia, and House of Chappaz Basement (co-run by Oriol Armengou and Ferran Mitjans) in Barcelona.

Weaving a network of collaboration, of friendship, and, why not say so, of family, House of Chappaz wishes to expand as a gallery with multiple centres open to experimentation and the present-day, coordinating daring Contemporary Art along the Mediterranean corridor (Valencia – Barcelona) with a clear international projection while being based on the Espai Tactel project.

Following the lines set out by earlier projects, which come together around themes like the future, gender theory, Queer, contemporary aesthetics, comics, Manga, video games and much more, the House of Chappaz is becoming a major and important gallery to bear in mind.

House of Chappaz Basement (previously Espai Tactel Toormix) makes up part of ART BARCELONA, Associació de Galeries.

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