Estudi Obert

Pujades 77, 2n-3r
08005 Barcelona
Under appointment
Estudi Obert, a project that aims to host site-specific artists’ works and show them outside the conventional circuits.

In the art world, certain projects, works or initiatives generate situations and displacements that are worth sharing. The aim of Estudi Obert is not to present exhibitions but rather a situated, affirmative position in the midst of a plural, complex time.

Sergi Aguilar studio is located at 77 2n-3r, C. Pujades. It is also intended to be a relational space where porosity and friction between different art proposals can be tested out and means of sharing also rehearsed. Estudi Obert hopes to take a different stance from the habitual narratives of the artist’s studio, desacralizing it as a space for solitary, individual creation and turning it towards collective encounters, enabling shared imaginaries to come into being.

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