Trafalgar, 70
08010 Barcelona
Wednesday - Saturday: 3-9 PM
Haimney Gallery is an artistic meeting point which aims to offer a space to connect creatives from the cultural field. Born in 2018, the gallery offers a blend of visual and audiovisual artists, designers, cultural managers and people in search of alternatives to avoid improper consumption. HAIMNEY is a multifaceted space where the culture of collaborative work and knowledge sharing is building a new way to create a more sustainable and purposeful future.

Haimney Gallery dedicated the first two years to the exhibition and sale of the work of the new generation of contemporary European and Latin American artists and designers, both new talents and influential figures in the development of the current aesthetic and culture. In 2020, with the purpose to be a multifaceted Cultural Center, the gallery reopened with a new facet dedicated to the cultural formation, where it has been partnering with artistic professionals and educators to offer workshops, talks and clinics in diverse areas that stimulate creativity. In this way, visitors can come to the gallery to see an exhibition, participate in workshops and talks, and enjoy cultural events.

Past events