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La Escocesa

Pere IV, 345
08019 Barcelona
Tuesday – Friday: 10 am – 2 pm
La Escocesa is a factory recovered and reopened by a group of artists who in the 90s decided to reinterpret the use of the factory and question some of its guiding and alienating principles. Above all, the importance given to the subject and manual action put emphasis on a claim for freedom and creativity, reversing the processes that since the Industrial Revolution had put production forces and natural times at the service of the machine.

The center is defined as an open factory for its associative and non-hierarchical nature, as it is a center where voices are always welcome to create collective experiences. Its emphasis on analogical creation aims to highlight a methodology with which artists reappropriate non-cutting-edge and abandoned technologies in an emancipatory and experimental way for the development of their projects.

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