Basses de Sant Pere, 10B
08003 Barcelona
Tuesday – Friday: 5 – 8 pm
Or by appointment.
Beyond the privileged collectors and the media, there are a large number of people who collect art in an engaged and altruistic manner by acquiring works that go against consensus and fashion.
They know that art reflects today's humanity, and gives us a preview for tomorrow's, which is why we should support it.
To this end since 2013, Anne-France Jacquart has created LA PLACE.
LA PLACE is a non-profit art space dedicated to the support of a diverse art community in
Barcelona, located in the heart of el Borne neighborhood.
La Place holds a multidisciplinary program and artist residencies, as well as individual art exhibitions for local and international artists. Its commitment to nurturing art production has spanned from new commissions to publications and performances in addition to participations in the most active contemporary art platforms of Barcelona, such as LOOP and Barcelona Gallery Weekend.