La Caldera

Eugeni d'Ors 12
08028 Barcelona (les Corts)
monday to thrusday, de 10h a 18h
friday, de 10h a 14h
What is lacaldera?

La Caldera is a collective project led by a group of artists. Originally born in 1995 in Vila de Gracia, Barcelona, it was a pioneer creation, dance and performing arts center in Catalonia and Spain.

The new La Caldera Les Corts project was born of the spirit and experience of the original La Caldera and joined the Art Factories program launched by the Barcelona City Council’s Culture Institute in April 2015.

The last management and production team, along with some of the founding members and other artists who were added along the way, started a new stage to carry out a public project with private management of a new headquarters in a new district, Les Corts.

The current La Caldera Les Corts, began its career with the rehabilitation and adaptation of the old cinemas Renoirs funded by the City Council with a transfer of management to the La Caldera team.

​This new La Caldera wants to find new ways of production and operation. We seek to be a creation center which "makes possible," creating the circumstances necessary and appropriate for artists because what does not exist cannot become.

The artists, accompanied by a professional management and production team, provide creativity and invention-innovation, flexibility and ability to listen. Their deep knowledge, based on experience and daily life, makes certain that the creation center management and the gaze of the artist go together.

​This new center aims to be an open container where we make development and research works possible and where we make the diversity of languages and forms of artistic expression in contemporary performing arts today accessible and understandable to citizens.

La Caldera Les Corts Management Team

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