Legalitat, 18
08024 Barcelona
The story of how a collective of graphic designers and artists rescued an old letterpress printshop in Barcelona and turned it into a self-managed cultural association – keeping the original owner on as machinist, tutor and mentor – and who together are converting a once endangered traditional business into an active space for dialogue, workshops, carrying out jobs, learning the trade and experimentation.

We firmly believe in the transmission of knowledge, the recovery of spaces, autonomy and self-management, in the need to decelerate the rhythm, working local and most of all we believe in putting together strengths and passions to protect what is important for us.

Established in 1963 by José Fandos under the name “IFA Tallers gràfics” and later directed by Ferrán Fandos, the printshop located on Carrer d’en Grassot 89 in Barcelona has become since 2011 the cultural association L’Automàtica. Nowadays a space dedicated to experimentation, autoproduction, open dialogue and self-publishing.

Ferrán Fandos, Roc Albalat , Diego Bustamante G., Ricardo Duque, Linda Valdés, Pepón Meneses, Marcel Piebarba, Tiago Pina, Ariadna Serrahima, Marc Torrent, María Durán, Arnal Ballester, Lluc Mayol, Guillem Serrahima.

Past events