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Liminal GR

Liminal Gr is an open place for reflecting on the myths and automations of contemporary life. Liminal uses a variety of disciplines in its approach: theatre, dance, visual arts, design, crafts, music, anthropology, literature, cultural studies, semiotics, journalism, and publicity… We are mainly interested in analysing the ritual aspects of our beliefs, how we normalise our convictions (working, falling in love, dressing well, engaging in sports, eating healthily, going on holiday…) that is, we are interested in looking at the extent to which we believe what we do is natural.

Curated by: Pilar Cruz and Marc Roig
Contents management: Glòria Fernández
Produced by: Trànsit Projectes and Antic Teatre
With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Cultura

Past events