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me & the curiosity

me & the curiosity is a new project to support artistic creation that was founded in 2013 in the context of a transforming art market.

With the clear motive to break down barriers and to bring contemporary art closer to the public, we propose a new way through which to discover art, making it approachable and accessible, where quality and experimentation are key methods in reaching this goal.

Following the Pop-up philosophy, me & the curiosity’s exhibitions, interventions, and events do not inhabit a permanent physical space but rather emerge in different places, each of them singular and unique.

Our web is the forum in which all the information about the artists, projects, works, events, prices, and other regularly updated content can be found and can serve to delve deeper into concepts related to art, the art market and the relationships that are established.

We strive to stimulate art collection, attracted by a new method of approaching art that is honest, spontaneous, personal, transparent, and of the highest quality, in this way potentiating the implication of businesses and foundations in the support of creation.

Based on these premises, me & the curiosity utilizes a hybrid format that combines the hands-on experiences of the offline world with the tools that the online world offers, which include social media, the Internet, and latest generation technology.

We work in careful conjunction with artists, collectors, and the public, supporting creators who have in common a strong dedication to their art and work that is very personal.

Carmen Cruañas, direction

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