The international Artists-in-Residence program R.A.R.O. based in Buenos Aires and Madrid, is now announcing its inauguration in the city of Barcelona.

R.A.R.O. is a program created with the idea of generating spaces for exchange, creation and dissemination of art work. It introduces a format that has the particularity of being itinerant, receives artists, curators, and national and international cultural managers to develop their projects in the different R.A.R.O. workshops in Barcelona, and in parallel it generates talks, meetings, visits and exhibitions that complement each project.

We have a network of more than 14 studios where residents can work from the most tradi tional techniques such as painting, sculpture and printmaking, to the most avant-garde of the contemporary scene such as performance, video-art, installation and others.

As an innovative element, R.A.R.O. introduce the concept of itinerant residencies, where the residents can work in a minimum of 3 workshops of the network spread throughout the city, where they will explore and merge different techniques in the production of their work. In this way the artists enjoy a complete experience traveling between several workshops of local artists and in different neighborhoods of the city.

Team: Laura Casanovas Escolà, Felipe García Salazar

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