Ruta de Autor

At Ruta de autor, we create and operate various walks and activities. We inspire conversations around different ways of traversing cities and places. We ask questions about the places we walk through. We observe and inhabit.
Ruta de autor relies on various disciplines to create its activities: art history, literature, photography, poetry, music... and even the experience of travel itself. Our main themes are: urban transformation and human landscapes, cities and decolonialism, migrations and displacement, ports and frontiers, sexual dissidence, nature and history.

Ruta de autor is us: Aymara Arreaza R y Lorena Bou L. We are a couple and various accomplices. We are polyphony and travel. We are curious, writers, researchers, editors, critics, observers...
We are always on the move and we invite you to walk, traverse spaces, abandon clichés and share experiences, routes, instants and memories...

Past events