GRAF brings you the programme of contemporary art in Catalonia. The agenda that combines all agendas.


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The programme for 21 Personae includes the same number of encounters with people, places and collectives in Barcelona. Together, they will attempt to transform the meaning and intensity of our experience of the city. It is also an investigation into ‘ways of meeting’, ways of being and interacting in the city. 21 Personae will run between November 2018 and March 2019, with one encounter every week.

The staging of 21 Personae in Barcelona extends the curatorial pulse of the exhibition In the Open or in Stealth by activating modes of sensing – shifting grounds, dispositional sediments and the potent scenarios of life out into the city. A group of curatorial practitioners associated with MACBA’s educational programme have crafted a specific Barcelona, to be expressed on the streets, in the squares, in public spaces and among public secrets.

A range of personae — roles, places, positions, practices, persons, ports and monuments — are invoked. We encounter permanent inhabitants, transients, travellers, beings who come alive at dawn, at midnight, at siesta time or at twilight. They traverse fluid constellations across actual spaces, desired inhabitations and imagined cities.

Together, they concert an activation analogous to an ‘entourage effect’ (a debated concept in therapeutic pharmacology relating to cannabis), which argues that components act much better in a relational field of interaction and combination with others than in isolation. In nature, nothing acts in a pure state.

Directed by: Raqs Media Collective, in collaboration with Aimar Arriola.
Organizing committee (PEI – MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme 2017-2018): Héctor Acuña, Laura Arensburg, Emil Becerril, Marianne Blanco, Ricardo Cárdenas, Itxaso Corral, Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky, Julieta Obiols, Christina Schultz and Laura Valencia.


Encounters with people, places and collectives of Barcelona

– Tuesday 6, at 8 pm: Encounter in a Squat
– Saturday 10, at 10 am: Exploring Collserola
– Thursday 15, at 5 pm: Feminist, Libertarian and Cooperative Bookshops (I)
– Saturday, 24 November, 12 pm: Ping-pong Game
– Monday 26, at 8 pm: The Invisible Routes of Montjuïc

– Wednesday 5, at 6.30 pm: The Rebel Neighbourhood
– Sunday 16, at 11.30 am: Route Through Trans Barcelona
– Monday 17, at 8 pm: Food Recycling Route

– Saturday 5, at 8 pm: Anti-racist Visit to the Columbus Monument
– Saturday 12, at 11 am: Feminist, Libertarian and Cooperative Bookshops (II)
– Friday 8, at 7.30 pm: Encounter with Graffiti Receptes
– Saturday 26, at 11 am: A Physiology of the City
– Wednesday 30, at 9.15 pm: Cooperativism in Barcelona

– Saturday 9, at 11 am: Street Botanography
– Friday 15, at 7 pm: Making the Invisible Visible (I)
– Saturday 23, at 4.30 pm: The Third Landscape Safari

– Saturday 2, at 11 am: The Forgotten Barcelona
– Tuesday 5, at 6.30 pm: The Living Library
– Monday 11, at 6.30 pm: The Future and the Possible
– Monday 18, at 7 pm: Turning a Book Into an Oracle
– Wednesday 27, at 6.30 pm: Making the Invisible Visible (II)

Huma Mulji Sarwar Road: July 26th 2011