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Reproducing at L’Automatica

11:3020:30 h
Venue: L'Automàtica
Legalitat, 18
08024 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Reproducing at L’Automatica, Barcelona is five days (23 – 27 May) of reading, discussions, writing and making in the Catalan capital about maternity, as a mode of creation, care, and continuance. A collaboration between two experimental, autonomous collectives interested in the composition of publics — the online journal continent. and the community print shop L’Automatica — invite discussions that nurture the problems and potentials of giving birth to all things made, authored, built, generated, designed, shaped, knocked together and knocked up.

Do the presumed public making labours of writing, making images, publishing, printing and reproduction require us to “love our monsters” and “kill our darlings”? Do these impulses speak to those same kinds of care, attention and guardianship, that are present in the consuming and ambiguous patience, love, hardship, altruism, friendship, attention and responsibilities of motherhood? What response-ability do we assume or presume when we give birth to things, to words, to ideas, and then weave them into the material (mater, or mother) of, for example, a printed page.

Over five days of collaboration in May, we invite writers, artists, thinkers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters interested in this questioning of motherhood, to share thoughts, voice, words, texts, images, sounds and actions —new and old— that will find their way into printed object, produced and reproduced on site with L’Automatica. Resonances between motherhood and creative labor, from the anecdotal to the analytic, the philosophical to the everyday, are all encouraged and more than welcomed. By the end of these Spring days in Barcelona we hope to create, together, a compendium of care, a handbook of hospitality or a card deck of custodianship, gifted to all those in attendance, and beyond. Is there anything you would like to “bring up”?

We are most grateful to have the support of HANGAR, and of the Consulado General de Suiza en Barcelona for these occasions in Barcelona.

Reproduint en L’Automàtica