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From six to six: what you don’t see

Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n
08038 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Artists IN RESiDENCe at the schools of Barcelona is a programme that introduces contemporary creation to public secondary schools through the direct and ongoing contact of a creator with the students. Throughout the academic year, diverse artists are proposed who come up with a project specifically considered for being done with a group of students in compulsory secondary education, from its conception to final execution.

This year, we have handed over the keys to the museum to Mariona Moncunill and 20 students from the Juan Manuel Zafra Secondary School in the Clot neighbourhood, and we did this almost literally. The museum has been the central topic of their research: they visited it throughout the school year, learning in layers about a complex institution such as ours, discovering the spaces and professionals who work there, who are often unknown.

The aim of From six to six: what you don’t see was to reveal the hidden side of the museum to us—like an expedition to the dark side of the moon—through a journey into its night and everything this lets us observe and bring into the light.

The project is crystallised through three actions conducted between six in the afternoon and six in the morning one night in April: a performance in the Oval Room, the nocturnal monitoring of the museum’s security guards and observation of the sounds of different spaces after the general public had left.

This residency was commissioned and coordinated by the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya jointly with the A Bao A Qu Association. You can learn about the creation process at:

A programme by the Barcelona Institute of Culture and the A Bao A Qu Association.