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Still Blue

10:0020:00 h
Venue: Blueproject Foundation
Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The Blueproject Foundation presents the group show “Still Blue”, from June 21 to November 4, 2018 at Il Salotto. This exhibition hosts for the second time some of the emblematic works that made up “Blue. Tribute to the Invisible”, the opening exhibition of the foundation that will celebrate its fifth anniversary next September.

This new presentation adds works by Daniel Buren and Yves Klein to the group formed by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Lucio Fontana. Keeping blue as the main axis of the exhibition, the still added to the title condenses some of the reasons for the current show: the historical tradition of painting, in which the still life -almost a synonym of painting in the past centuries- was surpassed by the avant-garde and gave way to an art detached from conventions; the stillness, that calm, quietness and even silence that the blue color provokes in its contemplation; and the still as the fact of remaining, of resisting, of (re)affirming oneself in a present, as the foundation itself does in its incipient trajectory, whose journey begins related to what was, what is and what will always be the symbol of the invisible: the blue.

A very close colour to the project’s founder, chosen at that time as a tribute to her father, and which was given attention on the opening exhibition, very well summarized by Anna Manubens (independent curator), in her text for the catalog then, as “the non-confessedportrait of the blind and gravitational point of the Blueproject Foundation”. That exhibition, and the present, pay tribute to the invisible through works selected among some private collections within the reach of the foundation.

Among the artists, the presence of Yves Klein (France, 1928 – 1962) is unavoidable, for whom “blue is the invisible becoming visible”. This time, his acclaimed IKB blue (International Klein Blue) covers a Venus that dominates the space and seems to orchestrate the other works with her absent gaze. A set of autonomous universes or complementary instruments of a symphony that vibrates in waves that surely escape the visible spectrum. For Klein, “blue has no dimension.”

Many other artists, philosophers and writers have approached the blue, willing to define or capture in words what is no other than a perception (which causes a sensation). Kandinsky would say that this color “calls man to the infinit, awakening in him a desire for the pure”, while for Goethe “it is, as one says, a precious nothing”.