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Wearable Sounds

17:0016:00 h
Venue: Hangar
Emilia Coranty, 16 – Can Ricart
08018 Barcelona
Price: 40€

This two-day workshop will be the culmination of a research residency that Claire Williams and Merche Blasco will do in Hangar, combining their shared interest in electromagnetic field activity (EMF), textiles, instrument design, and performance. Participants of this workshop will be invited to participate in a multichannel concert that will take place in Hangar on July 26th, where we will explore and perform live the EMF of the performance space.

Day 1: “Wearable Beats”
Friday July 20th
5pm – 9pm

This workshop will serve as an introduction to soft circuits, to learn how to translate your circuits into wearable projects and create your own soft controllers for visuals or audio with them. Soft circuits, or electronic textiles, are electrical circuits created using flexible conductive materials such as conductive threads and fabrics altogether with discrete electronic components, meaning resistors, capacitors, transistors,etc. We want to provide a basic knowledge in those materials, how to work with them and embed them into a wearable piece and some possible applications to let the users explore new ways of electronics and design. In tis four hour workshop, we will learn about the specifics of the new materials used in the class and how to work with them to create basic components for our circuits, such as switches/buttons, pressure sensors or potentiometers. We will work then altogether to build a simple synthesizer where we will mix those soft components with discrete ones and the intricacies of how to connect soft and hard components.

Participants must bring: Fabric samples, pieces of fabric, clothes you would like to work with.

Day 2: “Wearable Antennas”
Saturday July 21st
10am – 4pm

We will create our wearable antennas by hacking everyday objects with textile techniques. These antennas will be connected to a small circuit that we will build in order to amplify and hear a portion of the electromagnetic activity of our environnement. The participants will get to build their own textile antenna & antenna amplifier that they can take home. They can recycle objects such as umbrellas, hats, or objects with cylinder shapes (tin can, wood branch or stick…) to transform them into wearable antennas that will detect and amplify electricity and electronic appliances such as neons, motors, am radio etc… We will finish the workshop by doing a sound walk in the street to hear the electromagnetic environment of the city.

Participants must bring:
– second hand objects such as hats, sticks, cylinder shaped objects, wearable accessory, umbrella etc..
– Headphone

10/12 participants max
*No prior knowledge of electronics or sewing is required.

Free registration. Cost of materials € 40. To order the materials 40 € must be paid one week before the workshop. At the end of the workshop each participant will be able to take home their own soft synthesizer.

Pre-registration by completing the form.


Day 1

1 EMF kit (conductive yarn + amplifier)


+ Stretching conductive material
+ Conductive thread
+ Velostat
+ Mini breadboard
+ Electronic components: resistors, capacitors, battery adaptor, buzzer

Total: 40€

Final PERFORMANCE 26th July :

EEMF04 is the fourth installment in a series of multichannel pieces in which Merche Blasco explore and perform the electromagnetic field activity (EMF) of the buildings where the pieces are presented. As Blasco listens to the structures themselves, conducting field recordings of the electromagnetic activity unique to every space, she involves her body in the data collection and the technology she uses to translate the EM activity into audible material. These recordings are then spatialized in a multichannel system that reimagines the topology of the EM spectrum, including the highly regulated hierarchy of frequency allocations (radio stations among them) within it. Against this electronic backdrop, participants of the workshop Wearable Antennas, taught by Claire Williams, will render audible the energetic forces of the space at the moment of the performance.


The registration form can be found at the link of Hangar .