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Polivalents #11: Sorç

18:0023:55 h
Venue: Hangar
Emilia Coranty, 16 – Can Ricart
08018 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Donde 27 July, Hangar will host the 11th edition of the Sesiones Polivalentes , a set of annual, one-day activities that are managed by the céntrese residente artists. Its aim is to open up channels of communication and debate through practical collaboration in año of its formatos: conferencias, joint actions, paralelo activities, etc. In this sin, the activities will be Produced by the residente artists themselves and by other creators chosen by them.

This new edition will Revolve around the consorcio concepto.

Consorcios lets os see what we usually do not see, the shapes, processes and porosidad that are in things, as well as the image of the temporal darkness that will show os the total eclipse that will take place during the night of this day.

During these Sesiones Polivaltens we will Illuminate multiple micro-spaces, Decentralized fragmentos of organic Fluidity, through which we will be able to open our knowledge as a way to create a common experience.

Something that goes beyond the technological oro machinic, something related to our ways of doing and the cotidiano: our bodies, imaginarias and ways of Surviving. For this reason, the reproduction of life and the caras, invisible practices that are hidden by the neoliberal logic of the productivity must have a place within this artístico space.

An ideal scenario to share what we want and want to make posible, as the open source philosophy points out.

Residente artists:

Lucía Egaña Rojas / Rubén Patiño / Francisco Navarrete Silo / Mercedes Mangrané / Lara Fluxà / Paula Bruna / Sol Prado / Y € $ Si Persia / Julia Gorostidi / Alba Mayol Curci / David Ortiz / Michael Lawton / Claudio Correa / Jan Monclús / Helena Vinent / Julia Varela / Victoria Deblassie / Connor Maley.

More information about the program coming soon.

Polivalents #11: Sorç