Stabbing clitoris: 3D modeling and printing workshop to design self-defense weapons

18:0021:00 h
Venue: Hangar
Emilia Coranty, 16 – Can Ricart
08018 Barcelona
Price: 30€

After the 90s, technofeminisms understood that the technologicalization of society was not accompanied by the imagined depatriarchalization. Decentralization, deterritorialization and de-hierarchization that tools such as the Internet proposed have been subjected to the mechanisms of control and exclusion of the capitalist elites. The egalitarian horizons dreamed by technology activists were blurred to make way for a deep commodification of technological resources by large companies, for the simulation of ideological neutrality, for automated and almost obliged surveillance systems in the use of technology and for the structuring of a diffuse, nomadic and difficult to locate power of information systems.

The democratization of technology didn’t bring depatriarchalization to our lives, but a series of devices and systems that are already inseparable from our work, social and entertainment activities. The positions of power – ownership of knowledge and decision-making – on these technologies continue occupied mainly by cis men, who are concentrated in very limited territories and economic groups and which lead us to regimes of obsolescence, frantic consumption, absence of care, marginalization and attack on non-traditional gender roles -especially, non-masculine-dominant… Among us, inhabitants of Western European culture, already traversed in a naturalized way by technology and maintaining structural and institutional heteropatriarchal violence, spaces and proposals of resistance are needed to enable environments of care, protection, defense and transformative dissidence.

In a scandalously actuality, and being aware of how these patriarchal and capitalist structures affect the knowledge and enjoyment of our own bodies, Helen O’Connell – Australian urologist – defined in 1998 the first accurate anatomy of the clitoris. Years later, in 2016, Odile Fillod – a French doctor and researcher – developed a printable 3D model through a fablab and she decided to make it available to the public to combat the scientific obscurantism – ignorance, disinterest and denial – that has surrounded this organ. Currently his 3D model is used in multiple and diverse research and scientific, artistic, pedagogical, dissemination programs … It becomes, thus, an object loaded with liberating potential and a sample of how we can use technologies to develop projects that alter the power structures.

Stabbing clítoris starts from the need to organize strategies of action against structural passivity in the attention of sexual violence. It proposes to build a temporary and replicable space of care, protection, defense and transformative dissidence against these violence through the learning and use of production technologies – in this case, modeling and 3D printing – of free access. Together, we will design and manufacture self-defense weapons based on Odile Fillod’s 3D clitoris model. We will reflect on the idea of self-defense and imagine alternative ways of relating to the processes and tools of technological production.

Aimed at:

Any person who wants to participate in the design and manufacture of self-defense weapons and does not identify himself as a cis man (man, male, heterosexual …). It will not be necessary to have previous knowledge of modeling or 3D printing, nor should it be soporific for those who do, but it will be essential to have a computer to work with during the workshop.


To develop a self-defense weapon design for 3D printing
To reflect on the mechanisms of control and exclusion and the possible uses of technology.
To imagine and propose other forms of collective resistance to heteropatriarchal and capitalist violence

Duration: 9 hours

Calendar: September 12, 19 & 26 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Registration fee: 30 € (includes material costs). If you can’t pay for the registration but you want to participate, you can propose an exchange to


Session 1: Review of the conceptual proposal, sharing of methodology, collective design of a weapon based on the clitoral 3D model.

Session 2: Introduction to Tinkercad and modeling of the collectively designed weapon or other imagined variants.

Session 3: Moving from 3D digital models to 3D printing. Printing of each self-defense weapon and farewell. We hope we do not have to use them ever!


Belén Soto, member of the TMTMTM collective of technological production.

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