18:0021:00 h
Venue: Homesession
Creu Dels Molers, 15
08004 Barcelona
Price: Free event

November 29

6pm – 9pm

in Homesession

An exhibition by Kirra Kusy and Anna Evans curated by Laura Llaneli and carried out in collaboration with Metafora Studio Arts

The work of Anna Evans (UK) and Kirra Kusy (U.S.A) is characterized and begins with the observation of their environments. Both inhabit cities making them vibrate as they pass through their bodies. They collect their characteristics and elements to filter them, recomposing new ways of inhabiting through decontextualization and modification. In his works we observe shapes and objects that are familiar to us, but taken to places that generate new narratives through their connections.

In the case of Kusy, these modifications are thought through stories, understanding that each found object contains a past energy that determines the relationship with the rest of the devices. In the case of Evans, the hidden patterns are analyzed and merged with the landscape and the language, creating works that are resolved in very different ways.

For the present exhibition A Bunch of things connected, the first of the two artists jointly, the space has been thought of as a place that is transformed with two forceful interventions, one under our feet and the other over our heads.