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ACT 34: The other city. OVNI Archives

11:0020:00 h
Venue: Fundació Suñol
Calle Mejía Lequerica 14
08028 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The six works featured in the show shine a torch into the dark corners of cities such as Barcelona, Cairo, Casablanca, Marseille, Naples and Beirut. Each video will be screened as a looped projection at Nivell Zero on a given day of the week. In parallel, visitors can also watch eight documentaries on demand on two computers in the gallery.

OVNI (Observatori de Vídeo No Identificat) is the Unidentified Video Observatory. The OVNI Archives bring together a constellation of very different audiovisual works driven by an urge to reject the repetitive, cloned images peddled by the corporate media. Over the last 21 years, OVNI has added over 2,000 documents and pieces to its collection to create a register of the dreams, desires and nightmares of our age. The wide range of subjects encompassed provides a myriad of critical insights into contemporary society and culture. On this occasion, the works selected for ACT 34 at Nivell Zero focus on analysing the concept of the city as a diverse, living, alternating phenomenon. Seen through this prism, the other city is an imagined, dreamed, stifled, revolutionised, abandoned place that eschews the neoliberal paradigm of the metropolis as a stage for doing business and disdains the identical, cloned theme-park cities found in so many places across the world.

Calendar of screenings:
MONDAY_ BARCELONA > Port Trade Portrait. David Batlle. 2014. Spain. OV in Spanish. 37’
TUESDAY_ CAIRO > Erhal [Leave]. Marc Almodóvar. 2011. Egypt/Spain. OV in Arabic with Spanish subtitles. 55′
WEDNESDAY_ CASABLANCA > Des murs et des hommes. Dalila Ennadre. 2013. Morocco/France. OV in Arabic with Spanish subtitles. 82′
THURSDAY_ MARSEILLE > La raison du plus fort. Patric Jean. 2003. France. OV in French with Spanish subtitles. 83’
FRIDAY_ NAPLES > In purgatorio. Giovanni Cioni. 2009. Italy. OV in Italian with Spanish subtitles. 69′
SATURDAY_ BEIRUT > Ça sera Beau. From Beirut with Love. Waël Noureddine. 2005. Lebanon/France. OV in French with Spanish subtitles. 30′