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Activations - Dislocated archive

18:0020:00 h
Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event
Performance, Workshop, Guided tour

What are archives for? Which materials reflect dissident stories? How can we archive an ongoing struggle? What is the best way of classifying an archive? What consequences does it have on our deviated lives? When does the need to dislocate an archive arise? Could this be a way of subverting hegemonic narratives? How can we produce activations to raise corporal awareness? Can that which has been dislocated be categorised? Should it be done? What happens when, to avoid labels, we become invisible again? What happens when labels constrain us or force us to relive the stigma attached to felony or illness?


14 FEBRUARY 2018
‘Pink Guide’ Information Service
6 pm
With Koralsky + students and collaborators from MACBA’s Independent Study Programme (Christina Schultz, Sara Castillo, Julieta Obiols, Alba Rihe, Alexander Arilla, Federica Rocco, Laura Bono, Laura Arensburg, Héctor Acuña, Juan David Galindo, Benzo, Diego Posada)

Presentation of the bibliography on queer diasporas, colonialism, cuir
6 pm
By Diego Posada

Workshop: Imagine your dyke, draw your faggot. How can we represent something dissident?
5–7 pm
(10–15 min break) With Benzo, Alexander Arilla, Lior Zisman Zalis and Camila González S.

Living Library with ACATHI
6 pm With Julieta Obiols, Diego Posada and Lucía Egaña Rojas

Performative reading of oppressive laws
6 pm
By Isamit Morales and Itxaso Corral

11 MAY
Activisms and dislocated chronologies
6 pm
Presentation of the chronologies of Diego del Pozo and Diego Genderhacker, followed by a discussion with Fefa Vila and Lucía Egaña Rojas about queer archives and Dislocated Archive in particular

15 MAY
To live without permission. Presentation of the bibliography on the body and depathologisation
7 pm
By Julieta Obiols

19 MAY
An act of parrhesia.
Performatic guided visit of Dislocated Archive
6 pm
(2–3 tours) With Juan David Galindo, Itxaso Corral and Alba Rihe

26 MAY
Book launch: El arte queer del fracaso

7 pm With Jack Halberstam, Lucía Egaña Javier Sáez

29 MAY
Frau Diamanda: Subaltern struggle in drag – audiovisual portfolio
7.30 pm
By Héctor Acuña

Archive memories. Presentation of interviews with the participant archivists
7 pm
By Lucía Egaña Rojas, Julieta Obiols and Javiera Pizarro

3 JULY 2018
Fanzine workshop
With Lucía Egaña Rojas, Julieta Obiols, Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky, Benzo, Diego Posada, Héctor Acuña, Juan David Galindo, Lina Sánchez, Lior Zisman Zalis, Javiera Pizarro, Itxaso Corral, Isamit Morales and Alexander Arilla

Venue: CED ground floor
Free entrance


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