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18:0013:00 h
Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: 15€

The seminar MISERACHS BARCELONA PHOTOBOOKS revolves around Xavier Miserachs’ 1964 photobook Barcelona, blanc i negre and the associated exhibition currently at MACBA. The colloquium will explore the story behind the publication of Barcelona, blanc i negre, its public reception, and its place in the history of photobooks in general and of photobooks on cities in particular. It will also consider photobook collecting, photobooks in the museum space, and their public life extended through reissues. Finally, there will also be sessions on the issue of photobook exhibitions, including a lecture on the different set-ups of photography exhibitions over time, and a roundtable specifically on Miserachs Barcelona.

Curated by Horacio Fernández