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ALEKSANDAR TODOROVIĆ. We used to be friends

19:0021:00 h
Venue: Homesession
Creu Dels Molers, 15
08004 Barcelona
Price: Free event

In 1992, Barcelona shone in a new light. The whole world saw it as the ultimate open-minded, free and modern city that brought us fantastic Olympic Games, representing a new European era. They were few critical voices mainly on a national or local level, but they got lost in a sea of celebration. Those were new times in Europe: Berlin had just resurrected itself after the reunification, Cold War was over or was at least taking some breathing time.

I remember watching the opening ceremony on TV as a child and being completely under the spell of the Olympic euphoria. At the same time, my own country was collapsing. Yugoslavia was not allowed to take part in the games due to United Nations sanctions. And while Europe’s new beginnings were celebrated in Barcelona using the motto “Amigos para siempre”, Yugoslavia was dying.

25 years on, things have taken a different turn. Spain as many other countries in Europe are faced with resurfacing fears concerning multiculturalism, and questions of how multinational a state should be are back on the table.

I’d like to investigate and review these different periods, 1992 and now. I want to look for values we have had and might have lost on the way, or are prone to lose soon.

Aleksandar Todorović

Aleksandar Todorović is a restless traveller, non-media specific artist and graphic designer. He spends some time of the year based out of Bosnia & Herzegovina, but most of his work is influenced by him being on the road. One of his first loves is definitely typography, always employing a bold statement. Over the last few years, he has functioned as the backbone of the YHY FIHM art collective, art directing and producing work for several art books.