Avui soc ric _ Rafa Castells

Isaac Peral, 7 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Price: Free event

Avui soc ric is a solo exhibition by the artist and photographer Rafa Castells proposed for Art Nou 2020 by “Gracias por su visita”. An exhibition that presents works and site-specific interventions that involve the environment and daily activities of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, and specifically the context of Isaac Peral 7.

Rafa Castells has been living in this block since 2016, between galleries and studios, in a context seemingly far away from the institutional. This habitat is the starting point of the exhibition proposal. As a photographer and artist, Rafa Castells simply finds himself living within this environment, the one where the elitist and the daily life of a working class neighbourhood coexists. His findings, examinations, and observations; will show this double thread.

Rafa Castells works and produces freely outside this realm. We found him having breakfast during Barcelona Gallery Weekend in his pyjamas, inviting visitors who had confused his home (on the second floor of the Mercader building) for an exotic installation. He is “The Dude” of the building, the boy “next door”, while everyone goes home after a day of hard work, Rafa is here, living and minding his own business.

Exhibition curated by Gracias por su visita

Avui soc ric