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BAR module: Curating the space / Space for curating

10:0020:00 h

Price: From 125€ to 450€

BAR module 9th-13th January
with Summer Guthery (USA), Alfredo Aracil (SP), Emma Haugh & Suza Husse (DE), Erick Beltran (MX-SP)

“Notes on Schizoculture, Anti-Psychiatry and Scientology”, lecture by Summer Guthery (JOAN, Los Angeles)
A lecture weaving together the LA-based fringe religion Scientology, the Anti-Psychiatry movement and revelations from the Schizo-Culture conference, the legendary 1975 conference on the challenges of psychiatric institutions that brought the then-unknown radical philosophies of post-’68 France to the American avant-garde.
Summer Guthery is a curator and writer based in Los Angeles. She is the founder and director of non-for-profit exhibition space, JOAN. She received her MA in Curatorial Studies from Bard College’s CCS. Guthery is a regular contributor to Frieze and Artforum amongst other publications.

“Notes for a destructive psychiatry”, lecture by Alfredo Aracil (Sala de Arte Joven 2017, Madrid)
The epidemic of mental illness that we (supposedly) live, treated only with drugs and supported by biologistic visions of our psyche, compels us to review the teachings of antipsychiatry, in a twist that returns insanity to the center of public debate, to the community, where cultural production is capable of revealing the political issues that are hidden in the psychopathological.
Alfredo Aracil is a curator at Sala de Arte Joven de Madrid 2017 with the project “Apuntes para una psiquiatría destructiva (Notes for a destructive psychiatry)” which questions production mechanisms of mental disorders, as well as institutions and clinical methods involved in health management. He has collaborated with magazine Nosotros, El cuaderno, Tendencias, LUMIÈRE and now is writing for Atlántica XII and El Estado Mental.

“The Many Headed Hydra”, workshop by Emma Haugh & Suza Husse (District, Berlin)
Moving through lands, cities and buildings, through intimate, forbidden and public spaces, through bodies and between lands and ever slipping from control or containment, bodies of water are linked to an imaginary of crossing, to movements of passage. Following the waters, a different cultural cartography appears – one that flows through the geography constructed by demarcations of national territories, of property and of linear histories. The Many Headed Hydra explores the waters as rhizomatic narrative space and as potential infrastructure of commons.
Emma Haugh is a visual artist and educator based in Dublin and Berlin. Suza Husse runs since 2012 the interdisciplinary art space District Berlin with an emphasis on artistic research, collaborative practices, public space, critical education and political imagination.

“My studio visit.The city as studio” by artist Erick Beltran (MX-SP)
My studio visit.The city as studio is a format in which a local practitioner is commissioned to give a visit in a particular location/place/venue of Barcelona linked to his/her work, in order to speak about his/her own practice through the city and out of the common working studio space.

BAR module: Curating the space / Space for curating