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Beca Baden Württemberg-Catalunya

Beca Baden Württemberg-Catalonia

Grant residency for artistic exchange project between Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) and Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)


The Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg is an institution that promotes the development of young contemporary art creation. It aims to support the development of the artistic work of young emerging talent – living or born in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg- for a limited period, ensuring economic independence and freedom in the art work. The Foundation supports young talents in the fields of visual arts, literature, music, art critic and cultural management by grant residencies and offers places of work and residence. With production and publications and event organization, the Foundation has awarded works to a wider audience.


The Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, founded in 1827, is situated, with about 3,000 members and a space for exhibitions and events of over 1,500 square meters, among the largest art associations. The association sees itself as a place of open and participatory confrontation with different approaches and practices of contemporary art and hence its huge socio-political fields with which it interacts. The WKV operates on cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary networks, both local and international.

♦The main goal of this call is to provide a mobility and production grant residency to 4 artists (2 of Baden-Württemberg and 2 of Catalonia) to support the development of artistic works related to the context of each of the participating centers and institutions, promote interregional exchange between creators of Baden-Württemberg and Catalonia and enable dialogue between two experiences of their respective artistic communities and social groups.

1. Participants

Participation in this context is open to all visual artists of all ages and nationalities living in the geographical area of Baden-Württemberg and Catalonia, to develop proposals in the field of contemporary public art, performance, installation, sound art, visual arts, audiovisual and new media.

2. Period of residence

The duration of residence will be eight weeks:

– Residence 2 artists of Catalonia, one artist residency inKunststiftung center in Stuttgart, and the other in WürtembergischerKunstverein,  in February and March 2015. The housing for artists inresidence Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart is located in the same building of ateliers having the Kunstverein in Schellenkönig.

– Residence 2 artists Baden-Württemberg in Hangar (Barcelona) during the months of April and May 2015.

The selected artists will share during his residence in each city centers, workshops exchange and sharing of the respective projects carried out during the stay.

3. Budget and amount of the grant

– Fligh ticket Barcelona-Stuttgart-Barcelona

– Funding: 1.600€ per diem (2 months) and 800 € for production(gross amounts).

– Accommodation and studio.

– Using the center infrastructures.

– Specific technical assistance. If you require a full-time project costs by the production budget will be billed.

The residence does not include insurance. It is mandatory that the artist dealing with a valid medical insurance for the period of residence.

4. Conditions

– The application must be submitted by online application form.

– Each artist can present to the call with a single project. During the residency, the selected artists undertake to maintain active contact with the resident artists in the host city.

5. Commitments selected project in residency

Selected artists will commit to:

– Participate in activities during their residency project communication.

– Submit a final project report to the centers and a review of the residence.

– A presentation of the results of the residence at the end of it. In Barcelona, ​​the display will be in a museum institution or facility of the Goethe Institut, depending on results and availability. In Stuttgart, the presentation will take place at the Kunstverein Stuttgart or other suitable place. Based on the presentations it will be considered the payment of fees for artists.

– Include the logos of the participating institutions.

6. Applications

The artists interested  in applying for this grant residency should complete the form below including a description of the project to develop:

Artists from Catalonia application form

* Applications may be submitted in English, Catalan or Spanish.

Ausschreibung_deu(call guidelines in german)

7. Deadline for applications

The deadline for receipt of applications is October 24, 2014.

8. Process preselection and final selection

– The pre-selection will be made by  Hangar’s jury November 11th,2014.

– The  Shortlisted artists are required to present a certificate of registration to take second and final competition will solve a jury of 1 member of the Baden-Württemberg Kunststiftung, 1 member ofKunstverein Stuttgart, 2 members of the Goethe-Institut and 3 members Hangar’s jury, both juries jointly select the two winning artists of each center and the final result the last week of November 2014 will be reported.

The final selection will be made according the processes in each of the participating centers jury. The jury from the receptor residence centers shall make a shortlist of 5/7 applications and final selection of two artists of Baden Württemberg and Catalonia will both juries in a joint meeting.

9. Assesment of jury

It will value:

* The focus of the proposal along the lines of work of each of the centers of residence.

* The ability of the project to address the issue raised.

* A realistic assessment of the time and appropriateness of project objectives to the context and resources of the participating centers.

* The mainstreaming of the project itself, ie, the applicability and communicating the results to other settings or persons.

* The ability of the project to involve network partners centers and institutions.

* Impact and cultural, artistic and social projection of the residence.

10. Acceptance of rules and jury decision

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of the rules and the decision of the jury and of the changes as a result of fact

Involved institutions:

– Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg. Since its opening in 1977, the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg has promoted the work of over 900 artists and professionals of culture in differents disciplins. As an independent nonprofit organization, it has become one of the most important institutions scene of experimental culture in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The Art Office of Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg, founded in 2009, offers also a wide range of training consulting for visual artists.

– Kunstverein Stuttgart. The WKV supports the production, work processes and the construction of knowledge of contemporary art in the theoretical and practical level. Their work goes throughmanagement ateliers, promoting artistic research projects, co-production of new works and the development of complex exposuredevices and other events.

– Goethe-Institut Barcelona. It’s the cultural institute of the FederalRepublic of Germany and it spreads its activities worldwide in order topromote knowledge of the german language abroad and foster cultural cooperation internationally. In addition, the Goethe-Institut conveys a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on the cultural, social and political life. It works on the basis of mutual dialogue and, in this sense, it is at the service of all who are actively in the german language and culture. To this end, it’s working with cultural organizations, private and public, and encourages cooperation with local cultural agents, organizing and supporting a wide range of cultural activities.

– Hangar, Barcelona. Is a centre for art research and production, offering support to artists. Hangar’s mission is to support the visual artists and creators during the different phases of their art production processes as well as to contribute to the best development of their projects. For doing so, Hangar facilitates them equipments, facilities, production assistance and a suitable context for experimentation and free knowledge transfer.



Beca Baden Württemberg-Catalunya