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12:0019:00 h
Venue: Can Serrat - Art Residency
Masia Serrat s/n
08294 El Bruc
Price: Free event

The Biennale de Paris was launched in 1959 by André Malraux with the purpose of creating a meeting place for those who would define the art of the future. After a hiatus of several years, the Biennale was relaunched in 2000. Since then it has not ceased in its efforts to unravel art from institutions. The Biennale de Paris rejects the use of art objects, which are alienated by the market. It does not confine itself to a framework that would hinder its present actions or its political, economic and ideological evolution. By acting upon everyday life and its unfolding realities, the Biennale seeks to redefine art by using criteria which rejects the idea of the artist as the sole protagonist in his work.  Simply stated, the Biennale de Paris refuses to participate in today’s conventional art world. By mixing genres, exploiting porous frontiers and practicing the redistribution of roles, the Biennale de Paris allows art to appear precisely where it is not expected.



‘La Biennale de Paris, a biennale without an exhibition’

A public conference where the particularities of the project will be discussed: its identity, its operation, its operating methods and objectives

by Alexandre Gurita (Director, Strategist in the Art Sector)

and      Baptiste Pays (Program Manager and Employer)



A potluck is a gathering where each guest contributes a different and unique food dish, often homemade, to be shared. So, bring whatever you have or make something we can eat or drink together.



‘After the art piece. In practice’

A practical workshop to think and formulate an artistic project without artwork and without any image.

With Alexandre Gurita & Baptiste Pays


Free entry – Open to all

Limited places (up to 20 participants), to reserve please contact: