GRAF brings you the programme of contemporary art in Catalonia. The agenda that combines all agendas.


While I pursue the idea of continuing to work with and through the body but outside the scenic condition. Depues many trials and different approaches have come to what I call as auto-visual or film studio or performing movies, where I uitilizo recording the action as a means of converting the test construction or creation. I use the images I produce in the studio to produce films, usually abstract, the content is both physical and plastic.

Go.go home exposes the re-editing / transformation of a series of video works that realized between 2003 and 2006. This new edition contains or reflects additives, conceptual and aesthetic audiovisual work currently performed.

Body nawman caters to the particular physical working of reasoning from the idea or perspective that we do not have or can not speak of a contemporary present and if an extemporaneous reality because we still anchored in the precepts and concepts of past creativity. I suggest that perhaps, for that art evolves, we should modernize its domestication in classrooms and artistic worlds.