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Camins encontrats. Joan Rabascall. Works: 1975 and 2012

Venue: Fundació Suñol
Calle Mejía Lequerica 14
08028 Barcelona
Price: From 3€ to 4€

In the first of two shows of Camins encontrats, we can discover two opposed works by Joan Rabascall, “Franco hace deporte – Autopistas Concesionaria Española S.A.” (1975) and “Del Big Bang al Big Brother” (2012). The fact of putting one in front of the other allows us to compare two positions, two situations, two moments that highlight fundamental questions of Rabascall’s artistic practice, while places them in the new context, amplifying the views and questions about them. Both works, despite the technical and stylistic differences, denounce the excesses and hypocrisy of consumerist ideology making use of the same procedures and languages ​​through which it perpetuates itself: the mass media. With this phenomenon, the Rabascall’s work states the emancipatory role of art.