Conquest of the useless. Adrià Julià

Venue: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
La Rambla, 99
08002 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Conquest of the Useless, which takes its title from Werner Herzog’s book of the same name, is the first retrospective exhibition of Adrià Julià (Barcelona, 1974). It presents a selection of projects carried out from 2006 to the present.

Julià’s works trigger very arduous processes of research into the historical, political and scientific regimes under which the successive cultures of the image developed. Based on an experimental understanding of the document close to that of the avant-garde filmmakers or their forerunners in optical engineering, his works adopt languages ranging from photography to performance, from expanded cinema to installations, and they invoke an equal variety of keys for understanding them. Julià operates with procedures analogous to those of the micro-historical tradition, as he rescues aspects that are sometimes anecdotal or neglected by the prevailing accounts and that he uses to address the contextual specificities through which he carries out each project.

Curator: Valentí Roma

Conquesta de l’inútil. Adrià Julià