Da zero. Guido Guidi

Venue: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
La Rambla, 99
08002 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Guido Guidi (Cesena, Italy, 1941) is a key figure in the revival of photographic practices in the 1960s. His work occupies a fundamental place in the reflection on contemporary landscape, urbanism and architecture, as well as on photography itself. Guidi is an extraordinarily prolific artist and has never ceased to question the act of seeing through the medium of the camera. This questioning has developed through an intense dialogue between the narratives and materialities of  photography and what emerges at its margins, in semi-urban landscapes and in neglected post-industrial regions.

This exhibition is the largest retrospective of Guidi’s work to date. Through more than two hundred and fifty photographs, Da zero [From zero], traces his career from his first photographs when he was only fifteen years old to his most recent projects, paying particular attention to the moments that are essential to understanding the depth of his visual thinking. At times irreverently, but often tacitly, Guidi’s work subverts conventional ideas of where to photograph and how to look, of a certain orthodoxy of seeing. Through seeming errors, unusual framing and, above all, an insistent orientation towards the overlooked aspects of the everyday, Guidi’s practice proposes photography as a process of understanding. He is always open to what arises from the experience while shooting, as well as to the multiple readings created by the sequencing of images in published form.

The title of the exhibition, Da zero, refers to the precociousness of Guidi’s first works; it also resonates with Roland Barthes’s concept of the ‘zero degree’ of writing, as an ongoing investigation into what sets a photograph in motion and what makes it possible. Guidi returns to the same place time and again in order to scrutinise the present by paying attention to the slightest details and smallest variations. His work has developed in an expressive form, one that is closer to questioning than to affirmation, opening up a new field of reflection where it is least expected, in the interstices of what is known. In this process he shuns the reductive idea of the photographic image as a vicarious substitute for experience, proposing it instead as a vital space for observation and potential imagination.

Curator: Marta Dahó

Da zero. Guido Guidi