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"D'ahir d'abans d'ahir de l'altre abans d'ahir i més d'abans encara" by Anna Moreno

20:3021:30 h
Venue: Blueproject Foundation
Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The Blueproject Foundation presents “D’ahir d’abans d’ahir de l’altre abans d’ahir i més d’abans encara”, the second exhibition of the residency program of 2016 by Anna Moreno. Structured around three tables, three universes, three thoughts that will be activated by specific events and on-site activities, the exhibition offers a journey in which space, craft, apocalyptic feeling, material aspects and music mingle, in all its forms.

“In the work of Anna Moreno we will not find a solution. She shells viral dystopia. She places the tables and they come from others that as a symbol of the micro-scientific athletics will penetrate your latitudes.”
Extract from the text by Sergi Botella. Download it here (in Spanish).

February 25 (past event)

Open session with folk singers Tero Pajunen, Noora Kauppila, Sonja Korkman and Elena Hoppipolla around the first table, built in Finland in collaboration with Vesa Ijäs, ISKU and Studio Haekkinen, design and wood professionals from Lahti region. During the event, the singers were confronted for the first time with an epic poem, a futuristic foundational myth that they should translate into music. The event was a live negotiation of the melody and rhythm that best suited this myth, based on the story “Venus Smiles’ from Vermilion Sands by JG Ballard.


May 21st (Nit dels Museus) 20:00 to 21:30

Live recording of the deliberations of a commission created to generate a possible audio legacy for a group of selected survivors facing the imminent end of the world. Event around the second table, built in collaboration with Adrià de Luna Llopis, Albert València López and Elías Casanovas Adrián, architecture students.

Participants: Sergi Botella (artist), Vicenç Molina (collaborator at Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation and professor of ethics at the UB) and Elisabet Roselló (cultural analyst, specializing in digital culture and futures).


June 17th 20:30 to 21:30

Open rehearsal with Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and PLOM that, retaking the epic Ballardian poem from the first table, will design a soundscape for the third table, built in collaboration of Jordi Vidal and other forging and welding amateurs.

“D’ahir d’abans d’ahir de l’altre abans d’ahir i més d’abans encara” d’Anna Moreno