Tuesday of video / Caucus: activations for a political imagination to come

19:0020:00 h
Venue: Santa Mònica
La Rambla, 7
08002 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Session by Hamaca for Santa Mònica’s Video Tuesdays.

Screening of Caucus Fuengirola by Agustín Parejo School, with the intervention of Claudia Delso Carreira


Caucus Fuengirola is the documentation of a collective action carried out in Fuengirola on 4 January 1986: it consisted of a parody of an electoral campaign emptied of any reference to any political identity, “valid for any party in any circumstance”. The Malaga-based artistic activist group Agustín Parejo School resorts to the strategy of absent-mindedness and uses the public space, as in many of its actions, as a space of appearance and as an institutional inheritance. Caucus follows the rule that every political campaign must have its own personality and must create a kind of corporate identity or brand, reflecting both the ideology of the party it represents and the values of the candidates, but it makes fun of it by generating a naked and voracious critique of the theatre with which it tries to buy the citizen.

Agustín Parejo School has as the focus of significance of his work, according to the poet and professor Esteban Pujals, “a collective hyperactivity developed in the interstices of post-Franco Spain, in the fugue, not only with respect to the work and art of talent, but also with respect to party politics (…)”. He was probably not fully aware of the potential of this and other actions they carried out in the 1980s in terms of social analysis and the questioning of certain effects of symbolic production.

The screening of Caucus Fuengirola will be accompanied by the presence of Claudia Delso Carreira, who from the video will address issues such as the political imagination today, – or perhaps rather the lack of it after the citizens’ movement 15-M – about something that we perceive seems like a crisis of thought and collective articulation towards the institutional at a time of structural crisis in all areas of life. These are some of the questions we launched to activate the session and the conversation: How to activate the political imagination in a reactionary moment? At what point did we stop connecting with the desire for possible futures collectively? Did entering the institutions mean a loss of creative capacity? Can the juridical be sexy?


Dimarts de vídeo / Caucus: activacions per a una imaginació política per venir