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DOSBCN studio presents: 4×4 con HARTOSOPASH + NIÑO + DOSBCN

19:0023:55 h
Venue: Hangar
Emilia Coranty, 16 – Can Ricart
08018 Barcelona
Price: From 5€ to 7€

The Barcelona art and design studio DOSBCNstudio celebrates its fourth anniversary in collaboration with Hangar and Niu on April 1st from 7pm featuring the 4×4 session: an audiovisual installation that synchronizes live graphic content with acoustic structures generated by different Architects of sound. All through MIDI and DMX. In the first place we will travel through the strobe light with the select Niño sound compositions. To finish, the acoustic experimentation of Hartosopash will take us to the encounter of an adventure with the projection of color and forms.

Dosbcnstudio: DOSBCNstudio was born in 2013. A project that has been creating its business structure from friendship and daily work. It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of urban artists and canary designers based in Barcelona. They fuse digital tools with urban culture to generate new languages within communication.

Niño: From Valladolid currently living in Barcelona, he started producing beats in Diploide, his project with MC Garbanzo, one of the first groups on Galleta Records. Already then intuited everything that has been publishing, in few but substantial launches in Galleta, Donkey Pitch or Pendrive. After a long period of musical redefinition, this year we will be able to listen to the new Niño live, on one of the scenarios of Sonar 2017.

Hartosopash: From Madrid currently based in Barcelona. He began playing the guitar in a multitude of groups of diverse styles of the underground scene of Madrid, and little by little he was replacing the people by the sequencers, taking him the pleasure to produce alone. In his facet as a producer he has published three works with Escandaloso Xpósito, the recent “Garimba” with Shrlstn and many collaborations with artists such as Mi.Amargo, Elphomega, Zemo, Big Menu, Juli Giuliani, …

Admission: 5 EUROS (anticipated) / 7 EUROS a TAQUILLA _ Collaboration x artists

DOSBCN studio presenta: 4×4 amb HARTOSOPASH + NIÑO + DOSBCN