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Our Own Path Remains – Fito Conesa

10:0015:00 h
Venue: Espai 13 - Fundació Joan Miró
Fundació Miró, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n
08038 Barcelona

Exhibition program: A Monster Who Tells the Truth
Curated by Pilar Cruz

In 1968, the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt suffered an artistic and spiritual crisis that forced him to abandon the creative path he had followed till then and which took him closer to mysticism and to the roots of Western music. As a result of this crisis, he created a new genre, minimalism, thereby launching one of the most important movements in contemporary music. Decades later, the DJs on the Ruta del Bakalao, a string of clubs on main roads on the outskirts of Valencia, played remixes of pieces by minimalist composers.

For his show in the Espai 13, Fito Conesa takes as his starting point Pärt’s life and work – as well as crisis as a form of knowledge – and presents a musical piece of his own. The artist has built an acoustic shell, a cave for a sensorial experience that blurs the boundaries between artistic disciplines. Fito Conesa’s project will be complemented by the screening of his piece Maximizing the Audience, shown as part of the LOOP festival.