A walk by Mariella Franzoni: Without Body, Without Bones

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  • even local curators propose seven strolls through Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2023 galleries.
    The texts by Sara Catalán, Pilar Cruz, Mariella Franzoni, Sabel Gavaldon, Gabriel Virgilio Luciani, Zaida Trallero and Veronica Valentini will work as guides to discover the exhibitions through their particular perspectives. Available here from September 14th.

    Mariella Franzoni is an art curator, advisor, and cultural producer. With a background in Cultural Anthropology, Contemporary Art, Theory of Curating, and The Art Market, she holds an International Ph.D. with a dissertation titled: “The Economy of the Curatorial and the Field(s) of the Contemporary Art World”. As an independent curator, she collaborates with artists and art organizations across Europe and Southern Africa. Notably, she curates the program “Tomorrows/Today” dedicated to emerging artists at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Mariella also shares her knowledge as an art advisor. Her upcoming art advisory initiative, The Good Art Advice, focuses on assisting art collectors in navigating the art world and creating meaningful art collections. She recently co-curated the first collectors program in Barcelona for the Cultivist (New York). Mariella has participated in curatorial and research residencie and seminars in venues such as Pompidou Museum, Kandinsky Library, CDAN, JAG Museum, MACBA, Venice Biennale, HKW Museum, amongst others.

    From Eixample to Gràcia district [MAP]: 

  • 1. Artur Ramon Art. Yolanda Tabanera: Salón Salvaje
  • 2. Suburbia Contemporary. Mar Hernández: Universale
  • 3. Galería Uxval Gochez. Reginald & Perrin, últimas pinturas de Antonio Ortega
  • 4. House of Chappaz. Fito Conesa: Vocativo
El passeig de Mariella Franzoni: Sense Cos i Sense Ossos