19:3021:00 h
Venue: CCCan Felipa
Pallars, 277
08005 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Opening: 10/22/2014 Wednesday > 19.30
Want to include in an exhibition elements that are present during periods of work or artistic research, but they are not considered useful: personal relationships, emotions, rest periods or lock, often unstable and generally . What happens around the production of an artistic project or an exhibition is everyday life. That part of the process that does not seem to process.

The right not to be productive: tired face this new capitalism that absorbs up the last of our emotions, colonizing the existence and asking sacrifice, dedication and entrepreneurship. A frenetic pace of production where leisure and emotional relationships are also measured in terms of profitability. Given these facts, find the error, imperfection and scattering pro-life.

With Supterranis, Estrella and Francisco Ruiz Boada, Minipimer TV, Ro Caminal, Mireia Sellarés, The Premonition, Nook Nook, Simon Hanselmann, Miguel García.

This is an ongoing project. For activities related to the exhibition follow all the news at: www.cccanfelipa.cat/arts-visual