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Ella Littwitz. The Elephant in the Room

12:0014:00 h
Venue: Centre d'art la Panera
Plaça de la Panera, 2
25002 Lleida
Price: Free event

Curated by Oriol Fondevila

With The Elephant in the Room, Ella Littwitz (Haifa, Israel, 1982) presents a sort of underwater archaeology from which the material and ideological layers of a longstanding naturalised landscape emerge. The Mediterranean from down below reveals another state of affairs, shedding light on this crisis-crossed landscape from the same intersections of its environmental and human dimension. Littwitz takes the landscape as the material layer that any ideology needs to exist as such. Hence, her work does not merely set out a cultural interpretation of the landscape but what is actually revealed here is an interpretation of culture from its materiality and nexus with the ground.

Ella Littwitz