Claudia del Bàrrio & Jaume Clotet / State of Mainstream /

12:0015:00 h
Venue: Homesession
Creu Dels Molers, 15
08004 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Claudia del Bàrrio & Jaume Clotet

Presentatio of the video: State of Mainstream

12December  12h – 15h


State of Maintream consists of clips from Youtube tutorials that teach how to produce trance music along with model gifs from H&M’s website.
During the late 1990s, a major technological change provided a new dimension of self-expression and communication in a new and very young generation. This generation, the Millennials, saw the beginning of social networking. Most of the millennials of that time were either pre-teens or young teenagers and discovered and shared online music that reflected their feelings, the trance. Trance is the classical and romantic side of dance music. It is a genre of escapist music designed to allow the user to explore their emotional state and, depending on the specific style, manipulate it.

The artistic practice of Clàudia del Barrio & Jaume Clotet revolves around how the Internet and technological devices coexist and affect our daily lives. They construct visual stories that lead us to explore the dissolution of reality and ironically question the medium and its representation.

Claudia del Bàrrio & Jaume Clotet / State of Mainstream /