Makebelieve Neuromancer / Lucía C. Pino

Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Makebelieve Neuromancer is an immersive sculpture installation that explores the idea of transience and its ability to form other modes of existence and subjectivity.

By using the concepts of armour and prophylaxis and following sculpture research areas that the artist has been developing in her work on the behaviour and assembly of materials, she reflects on their ability to mutate. And, above all, they celebrate the state of constant change, non-normative identities and the very idea of transformation as a habitable place and not as a place of passage.


Lucía C. Pino

The work of Lucía C. Pino revolves around research focused on materiality and its contingency, creating sculpture assemblages with a desire to explore the cracks of the dystopia in which we are immersed and what emerges from there as a resignifying power. All this by opting for a physical and environmental presence in search of possible re-enchantments.

Lucía C. Pino has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions held in centres such as Arco (2020 and 2019), Dilalica (2020), Et-hall (2020 and 2017), CCCC (2020 and 2017), COAC (2019 and 2016), Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery (2018), Espai 13 in Fundació Joan Miró (2018), Espositivo (2018), Bólit (2018), Arts Santa Mònica (2017), FAD (2016), àngels barcelona (2016), Ana Mas Projects (2015), ADN Platform (2015), Local Project Art Space in New York (2013), Pragda Big Screen Project in New York (2011), Casa Àsia in Barcelona (2010), Milan Triennial (Italy, 2006) and D/ART in Sydney (Australia, 2006).

She was recognised as the best Spanish artist of 2020 by DKV-Swab, as well as having also received ArtsFAD recognition and an Osic grant in 2019.

Her work can be found in the collections of MACBA, DKV Arteria, Utopicus Art and olorVISUAL of the Fundación Ernesto Ventós.

Makebelieve Neuromancer / Lucía C. Pino