On Glass: The idea of an image. Martin Vitaliti 


Price: Free event

The first proposal of the cycle On glass is in charge of the artist Martín Vitaliti (Buenos Aires, 1978) who, based on the painting Gran espacio dorado (1976) by Joan Hernández Pijuan, proposes new movements and speculations in the investigation that began in the years seventy by various currents of pictorial experimentation.

This specific work, designed for the access window to the Suñol Foundation, suggests an intervention woven with the threads of evocation, reflections, and fragments, elements inherent in the act of remembering the confluence of Vitaliti with the work of Hernández-Pijuan in the monographic exhibition that the Suñol Foundation dedicated to him in 2010. Likewise, the project also negotiates with the fragility of memory, taking body and space on an architectural element (the entrance window) that is both border and porous, in an operation that, ultimately, pushes us to question the regime of visuality.

Damunt vidre: La idea d’una imatge. Martin Vitaliti