Ludovica Carbotta

Venue: Bombon projects
Trafalgar 45, local 3
08010 Barcelona
Price: Free event

For this occasion, the gallery space will be transformed into a temporary installation, where the works will form part of the same process of enjoyment, exploration and construction of themselves.

Both whoever writes and who reads these lines undoubtedly has an origin.

A priori, as individuals we are largely a product of this origin, which influences our physical and psychological qualities.

If we apply this idea of ​​the existence of a personality (for lack of a better term) to a work of art, it is easy to understand some things and perhaps more difficult others.

The project compares the notion of growth with that of the sculptural process.

The exhibition will feature the presence of an entity in constant progress. This piece seems to have adapted and received its forms from the geographical environment itself, which in this case is none other than the territory of the city of Barcelona. This process informs a sequence of key moments, which in turn take physical form and that of a fictional text prepared by neuroscientist Isabel Valli in conversation with the artist.

Interestingly, this kind of formal genesis will not strictly have a beginning or an end.

Ludovica Carbotta