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Christian Marclay. Compositions

Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona

This exhibition will be the first for over a decade in Spain devoted to the Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay (b. 1955), who currently lives and works in London, and will include a selection focusing on his sonic compositions, from graphic scores to video installations.

Marclay has consistently focused on the relationship between sound and vision, exploring the ways that sound can be manifested visually. As the artist himself said, ‘music runs through almost everything I do’.

This exhibition will examine Marclay’s work through his engagement with composition, understood as the ordering of sounds in time and space, but also as visual composition. Each piece shown will reveal the ways in which Marclay approaches the creation of a composition, and how this relates to other aspects of his work such as his deployment of the techniques of appropriation and montage, as well as his engagement in performance and his tendency towards inviting participation and collaboration.

Curated by: Tanya Barson (Chief Curator, MACBA)

Credit: ‘Surround Sounds’ (2014-15) © the artist. Photo © White Cube (Hannah Burton)

Christian Marclay. Composicions