Fabra i Coats: Centre d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona i Fàbrica de Creació Sant Adrià, 20 08030 Barcelona
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A Retrospective Exhibition by Núria Güell

In terms of power, what unsettles Núria Güell most, isn’t the power that is legitimised solely through force or violence, but the power that is legitimised through Truth, acclamation, through moral Good. Power that is represented as (a) Good is much harder to avoid, because goods are not only a response to a need but also, and above all, represent a source of satisfaction and enjoyment. Collectively, as subjects, we enjoy conforming to a power or being reciprocated by it and this power is held by anything on which we project, consciously or unconsciously, the value of (the) Good. Those fetishised things, on which value or power is projected are those that govern communities. And who can refuse to obey a mandate for the “common good”?

Greatly simplifying, for All Order Is Required Pure, the artist uses previous projects as a channel for delving into the moralistic and totalising decline of current public opinion, clearly visible in the redeeming intention of cultural institutions, and at the same time for questioning her, the artist’s, own involvement in this decline. Through this process, Núria answers the institutional request for a retrospective exhibition with five new proposals and the complicity of eight artists, six thinkers, two ex-prisoners, a priest and a youtuber nun.