Disobedience and resistance

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Every institution today is based on violence; our social environment is saturated with it. As long as there is such a state of affairs, we will have the same chances of stopping Niagara Falls as we do to end the violence.

After a twentieth century of violence materialized in conflicts and revolutions, we enter a 21st century that twists to the paroxysm caused, in part, by extreme globalization. The generations born in the last two decades are growing surrounded by a greater violent burden than that received by their predecessors -economic, labor, institutional, cultural …. Therefore, it is not surprising that the predominance of peaceful demonstrations and rallies of total rejection of violence in the late twentieth century, now recover classic questions to these models, which support the use of violence -with different variants of the same concept- to denounce the same violence.


Desobediencias y resistencias proposes diving in the vicinity of controlled pseudo-violence and in small doses in response to permanent social violence. That is, the use of certain actions that can be interpreted as violent and that act against the supposedly legitimate violence, understood as an institutionalizing force, which the population has accepted in perpetuity and which are linked to criticism and relief and not so much in revenge. But what does pseudo-violence mean? These are actions that society assumes as violent because they escape their range of correct movements
-we take into account all the centuries of self-castration- and, therefore, catalogs them as such. But are they really?


Urinating, counting coins, breathing, playing hula-hoop, riding a mechanical bull, painting, sitting in a chair, or singing. What is so extraordinary about such everyday and even trivial actions? The moment a small key is pressed and these movements are slightly altered, the conception changes completely, disturbs the viewer and he translates it as violence – in different degrees and according to the characteristics of the person: age, gender, culture, history or religion, among a multitude of possible parameters. Subtle modifications that cause a change of interpretation: she is a woman urinating right, she is counting coins and inserting them in a skull, she is breathing hugged to a skeleton, she is playing hula-hoop with thorns that hurt her body, she is climbing- if to a mechanical bull for an hour and end up shattered, is to paint aggressively while being hypnotized, is to sit in a chair after receiving an order or is to sing and then wield a firearm.


Disobedience and resistance
Marina Abramović, Teresa Correa, Itziar Okariz, Regina José Galindo, Matt Mullican, Shirin Neshat, Jürgen Klauke and Sigalit Landau
Curator: Adonay Bermúdez
From June 11 to August 29, 2021

Desobediències i resistències