Ikram Bouloum. Ha-bb5 UPDATE 3. Ineia

12:0013:00 h
Venue: Nogueras Blanchard
Isaac Peral 7
08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Price: Free event
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From Moroccan parents and born in Torelló, Ikram Bouloum (1993) has been living in Barcelona for ten years where she has developed her artistic facet as Dj playing in most of the clubs and parties in the city. Her music sessions are conceived as a form of narrative, a kind of sound literature, and her utopian club is a polyphonic space.

In May 2021, Ikram Bouloum released her first EP, “Ha-bb5”, which brings together the representation of a tragedy and a birth along five tracks produced by Mans O. The project aims to deploy and counterpose a musical and aesthetic dialogue between the most contemporary Western electronica and a reinterpretation of the popular musical aesthetic and dance of Maghreb, based on the cultural and personal heritage of the artist. Feminist, emancipated and innovative, the music of “Ha-bb5” explores a radical sound that destroys the two “establishments” of the dichotomy of the cultural shock, in order to create a space of its own, empowered and safe.

Ikram Bouloum presents “Ha-bb5 UPDATE”, an exhibition curated by Gracias por su visita at the Nogueras Blanchard gallery during the Art Nou 2021 program. “ Ha-bb5 UPDATE” unfolds a visual and sound journey through the elements that support and configure the musical narrative of “Ha-bb5”, with the aim to recreate this space in a new context: the exhibition space of an art gallery. The exhibition gives prominence to “Ha-bb5”; it recovers and presents in the foreground the choral voices, the technical meditations, and the symbology that are never protagonists in an EP, nonetheless always important and indispensable.

Through six parallel activities (during the Tuesdays of the exhibition) the five elements that form the exhibition will emerge, will be activated and will be pronounced in order to reconstruct the entire plot of “Ha-bb5” and re-explain the story, and will end up with a final performance featured by Mans O.

Ikram Bouloum. Ha-bb5 UPDATE 3. Ineia