Lower Water in the Raval Neighboorhood of Barcelona: history, climate and landscape

17:0019:30 h
Venue: Casal del Raval
C. de la Reina Amàlia, 31
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event
This is an activity in which art and science come together to provide insights into the changes that have taken place in our landscape, be it due to the interaction of human beings or climate change affecting the natural environment.

The first part is a talk during which we will look at the archaeology and history of Barcelona from prehistoric to recent times to understand how the landscape has changed as a result of the interaction of humans and climate change in the territory and in the natural environment.

Immediately afterwards, and as part of the Water Snakes. The Hidden Gullies of Barcelona project, we will go on a perceptual tour of the gullies that shape the lower part of the Raval. Back in the Neolithic Period, this part of Ciutat Vella was home to life around an extensive lagoon and along the streams that crossed it. Still today, we can see the presence of these water courses that traverse this part of the city close to the sea

Organised by: Juan F. Gibaja (EEHAR-CSIC), Millán Mozota and Nidia Aliseda (IMF-CSIC), Gerard Remolins (ReGiraRocs, SL), Santiago Riera Mora (UB), Elvira Pujol and Joan Vila Puig (Sitesize) and the Centre d’Art La Capella – ICUB.

With the support of: Casal de Barri del Raval and Fecyt – Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Prior registration required by email to lacapella@bcn.cat

Aigua baixa al Raval de Barcelona: història, clima i paisatge